Carsten Dahl


Carsten Dahl is a Danish pianist and composer within jazz, classical and cross-over. Along with Thomas Blachman and Lennart Ginman he achieved great success in the trio GinmanBlachmanDahl, earning a reputation for fiery live performances.

Solo piano is very important to Carsten Dahl, a challenge where he finds the greatest potential to work with space and time, to create music that relates to the moment. He takes inspiration from both classical pianist Glenn Gould and jazz pianists like Keith Jarrett , Bill Evans, Cecil Taylor and Bud Powell; cultivating improvisation in extreme situations. There are also clear inspirations from contemporary music and different world regions and folk music - one of very few people able to bring together many global inspirations into one comprehensive personal expression with a clear artistic signature.

Carsten Dahl has worked for several years with Bach's Goldberg Variations, arranged for prepared piano alongside the Well-Tempered Clavier and Dahl's own 26 Chromatic Inventions, dedicated to Glenn Gould.

In 2011 he was appointed professor at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. He is also an ambassador for Mental Health Fund. Carsten Dahl's career has in recent years been divided between solo piano and the Carsten Dahl Experience. With an uncompromising approach to jazz, he has created music that transcends boundaries and explores new territories.



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  • Dahl/Blachman/Ginman in concert

    Dahl/Blachman/Ginman in concert

    21st januar 2019

    Two of our most talented jazz musicians/composers will play at Bremen Teater on January 25th

  • Jazz by the Sea feat. Blachman/Dahl/Ginman

    Jazz by the Sea feat. Blachman/Dahl/Ginman

    12th juni 2018

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