Wilson Trouvé


The things we feel as humans are layered and complex and I aim to reflect that with any music i create

Wilson Trouvé is a French visual artist, self-taught pianist & multi-instrumentalist composer and producer based in Brussels.

Trouvé has released many gorgeous albums, EPs and singles over the years, also as Monochromie and Golden Sleep through various indie labels such as Fluttery Records (U.S.A), Time Released Sound (U.S.A), 1631 Recordings (Sweden), Hush Hush Records (U.S.A), Sonder House (U.S.A), Mellotron Records (UK), Felt Piano Recordings (BE), Bigo & Twigetti (UK), Blue Spiral Records (It), Andante Piano (NL), Silent Beat Records (DE)...

As a pianist, Wilson Trouvé composes touching and delicate melodies crafted from various piano sounds and textures. His music has been featured on notable Spotify editorial playlists such as Focus Piano, Calm & Focused, Instrumental Study, Perfect Concentration, Reading Soundtrack, Atmospheric Piano, and Maximum Concentration. Trouvé's piano music is mainly inspired by landscapes, human condition and childhood.

Trouvé also composes cinematic/orchestral and experimental music for films & TV. He released his debut album Cinematic Thoughts as The Blooming White Orchestra on January 14th, 2021.

Working with music supervisors, music licensing companies, publishers, producers, his music has been featured in many TV series, trailers, documentaries, ads (VICE, HBO, Netflix, BBC, Nike...)