Pau Corea

Pau Corea


The Valencian musician and producer based in Madrid, Pau Paredes, is the producer of many artists and bands of the national indie scene and has also been a member of several rock, indie and electronic bands as a drummer and keyboard player.

Now, Pau presents his most personal project under his artistic name, Pau Corea, where he expresses through his music a fascinating mixture of beauty and strangeness at the same time. It can be defined as pop music induced by new sounds, new structures and delicate changing harmonies.

After the release of the first single, 'La cumbre', in April 2022, he has also released 'GirⓄ', 'Contra' and 'Pienso entrar' between September and October.

The first four singles from the album serve to demonstrate the values of the music that flows through Pau's hands and mind. In his own words, he defines his work as "full of nuances and subplots, but also easy to listen to and enjoy for the first time". Pau Corea unfolds a mysterious pop throughout his first collection of songs in which the avant-garde and the mainstream work in harmony.