Krisz Kreuzer


BASS - Showreel


Krisz Kreuzer is a composer, music producer and studio owner who is based in Hamburg St. Pauli with his recording studio BASS. Together with his team (Oliver Schmitt, Cord Vorhauer and Peter Müssig) he writes music for advertising, TV and film. Among the brands who licensed music made by BASS are Volkswagen, BMW, Jaguar, Sony Ericsson, and Nivea. Krisz Kreuzer and his team also created corporate audio brandings for e. g. German TV channels ARD and Kika and the magazine Focus. They also created songs for German movies such as “Im Winter ein Jahr”, “Freche Mädchen”, “Superbullen”, “Die Tür” and “Wo ist Fred?”.

Apart from his compositions for advertising and film Krisz Kreuzer also co-wrote songs for various artists like Nneka, by_Gunnarsson, Max Mutzke, Mellow Mark, Max Raabe, Ghostdog and Earl 16. Moreover, he published several albums with his bands BBXO or Brixtonboogie