BBXO make a style of music they call “Future Blues” – as it sits between spoken word and rap, between politics and pop. They formed when Krisz Kreuzer, of urban blues outfit Brixtonboogie, met up with Musa Okwonga, a London-born poet who had recently moved to Berlin. Their aim was to make songs that spoke of love, struggle and friendship in a way that was moving, often rousing, and ultimately uplifting. Kreuzer, whose work has been praised as “Blues for the 21st century”, quickly found that Brixtonboogie’s instrumentals – a diverse blend of Blues, Soul and Electronica – were the perfect foil for the rapped, sung and spoken lyrics of Okwonga, described by Q Magazine as “like a globe-trotting Mike Skinner”. BBXO have crafted a bass-heavy and accessible sound that is urgent, passionate and powerful. Their tunes – which travel from Soul to Dancehall, from Blues to Grime to Pop – are suitable for the whole range of moods; the late-afternoon euphoria of a midsummer festival, the quiet evening at home, the lonely but hopeful train journey towards a new adventure.


  • Bosworth @ Reeperbahn Festival 2018

    Bosworth @ Reeperbahn Festival 2018

    28th August 2018

    Wir sind auch dieses Jahr mit Künstlern / Komponisten beim Reeperbahn Festival vertreten: Peter Gregson Mi, 19.09.2018, 23:15 Uhr, Bahnhof Pauli (Klubhaus St. Pauli) Mehr Infos hier Poems For Jamiro Mi, 19.09.2018, 23:30 Uhr...

  • BBXO veröffentlichen erste Single "Hard Road To Travel"

    BBXO veröffentlichen erste Single "Hard Road To Travel"

    13th März 2018

    Am 23. Februar ist mit "Hard Road To Travel" die erste Single von BBXO via Bosworth Music erschienen. BBXO ist eine Kollaboration des Hamburger Künstlers und Komponisten Krisz Kreuzer (Brixtonboogie) und des britischen Poeten Musa Okwonga.