Niklas Paschburg


Niklas Paschburg | LIVE @ Reeperbahn Festival 2021

Niklas Paschburg - Panta Rhei (Live @ Musikbrauerei Berlin)


Composer, pianist and producer, Niklas Paschburg’s debut dates back to 2016 with the EP ‘Tuur Mang Welten’ which brought him to the attention of !K7 Records. He has since released two full albums Oceanic 2018 and Svalbard in 2020, along with his ‘Post-Svalbard’ featuring remixes and collaborations with artists including Hania Rani, Dobrawa Czocher, Robert Lippok, Ah Kosmos and others.Born in 1994 in Hamburg, Paschburg grew up in a tiny village near Nuremberg and re-settled in Berlin 3 years ago.He has created a particular style for his music that stems from classical (having studied piano and composition) with ambient, pop and electronica, creating a beautiful ambient pop chill-out which is the real trademark of this artist. Other collaborations include with RYX, Asgeir, Nils Hoffman, Gabríel Ólafs and multiple projects soundtracking for film and TV.