Freya Arde


Freya Arde is an award winning composer, guitarist and music producer. Her latest works include Carolina Hellsgård’s feminist eco thriller Endzeit - Ever After and the Dutch-German family film My Extraordinary Summer with Tess that has been theatrically released all over the globe. Right after accomplishing her Master's degree in film scoring at University for Film and Television Berlin Babelsberg in 2016, she won the German Film Music Award as Best Newcomer for her debut film score Nelly's Adventure.
Since then she works as a fulltime film composer scoring documentaries and feature films. Her unique soundscapes combine acoustic instrumentation with audio processing and electronics. She has worked with orchestras like the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg and the Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Frankfurt.

In her new documentary score The Hidden Life of Trees she challenges the boundaries between classical music and sound design using field recordings of animals and plants of the forest.

“[...] Freya Arde is one of Germany’s top talents in film music.”— Alexander Kolbe, MDM Trailer #3 2018“Freya Arde as composer, performer and DJane in one person. What you could experience now is hardly to excel in its concept of creativity. [...] spherical, vitreous sounds, sometimes electronic, hypnotic, structurally almost like minimal music. [...] an exciting, mind broadening performance.”— Daniel Huschert, Auftakt (issue 03-2018)