Franziska May


Franziska is a composer for film and television. Her continuous search for new sounds is as important to her work as her training at the piano and jazz vocals. She studied music at University of Arts (Berlin), Film music at Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf and Theology at Humboldt-Unversität (Berlin). She was engaged as a musician in theater projects (Deutsches Theater Berlin), bands and ensembles and performed with her own songs.
She composes and produces music for many film projects, including several parts for the ZDF series Ella Schön (ZDF/Dreamtool), as well as two episodes of the drama series Liebe.Jetzt (ZDF/ Studio Zentral).
The documentary A Day's Work (dir: Max Kerkhoff), for which she co-wrote the score with Isacco Chiaf, is among the nominated films at the Festival International Music & Cinema Marseille in 2022 (MCM). The documentary The Blunder of Love (R: Rocco Di Mento) won the main price of the Doc Alliance Awards in 2021, the short film Trading Happiness (R: Duc Ngo Ngoc) won the audience award at the Max Ophüls Film Festival in 2020. Other film projects were A Day’s Work (R: Max Kerkhoff), Due to legal Reasons this Film is called Breaking Bert (Anne Isensee), Nachthall (R: Victoria Schulz), Deine schöne Gestalt (R: Bernadette Kolonko).

Ruby – R: Natascha Beller (2022), ZDFneo/Studiozentral, Sitcom, 8 Folgen á 20‘
A Day’s Work – R: Max Kerkhoff (2021), Dokfilm, 13‘
Familienerbe – R: Holger Haase (2021), SWR/Zeitsprung, Spielfilm, 90‘
Ella Schön (Folge 7+8) – R: Holger Haase (2020), ZDF/Dreamtool, Fiktional, jeweils 90‘
Liebe. Jetzt (Folge 9+11) – R: Tina Ebelt (2020), ZDF/Studiozentral, zwei Folgen à 20‘
Dieser Film heißt aus rechtlichen Gründen „Breaking Bert“ – R: Anne Isensee (2020), Animation, 5‘
The Blunder of love – R: Rocco Di Mento (2020), Dokfilm, 90‘
Ella Schön (Folge 5+6) – R: Holger Haase (2020), ZDF/Dreamtool, Fiktional, jeweils 90‘
Trading happiness – R: Duc Ngo Ngoc (2020), Fiktional, 35‘
Täter – R: Max Benyo (2019), Fiktional, 5‘, in Kooperation mit dem BR
Deine schöne Gestalt – R: Bernadette Kolonko (2019), Fiktional, 19‘
Nachthall – R: Victoria Schulz (2018), Fiktional, 20‘, Musik in Kooperation mit Anna Kühlein
LUFT – R: Max Hegewald (Fertigstellung 2017), Musik in Kooperation mit Anna-Marlene Bicking, Fiktional, 35‘
Le jeune Pâtissiér – R: Xenia Ciuvaseva (2017), Dokfilm, 15‘
Wie Rauch vergeht – R: Pedro Martin Chaves (2017), Dokfilm, 15‘