The Bloodpoets


The cogs have been spinning and turning and The Grand Machine is now fully operational.

Following on from the success of their first album, 'Polarity', and single 'Borderline', The Bloodpoets released their new album 'The Grand Machine' on August 15.

This album was some time in the making, allowing the band to produce a rawer, high-energy sound, to encapsulate the essence of their live show. The songs are a mix of light and shade, whilst still maintaining catchy hooks.

'The Grand Machine' contains singles “War” and “Ra Ra Ra Ra Riot” and "Dance" that have received support from all over the place, including Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, Triple M, Passport Approved, Amazing Radio and became big hits in New Zealand, after receiving high rotation on major stations for a solid 4 months. When the album was released on August 15, it hit #13 on the Australian iTunes Rock Chart.

'The Grand Machine' is a punk/pop/rock album where every song is a single, standalone track, however, there is a storyline that is carried through the album as a whole. In pieces, it's a typical album, however as a whole with all of the cogs spinning together, it's art.

The Bloodpoets' album 'The Grand Machine' is looking to be the best offering from the band yet.

“Clearly there is a new direction being taken by the band on this forthcoming album. They've always teased that there was a serious rock side underneath but have coupled it with a pop sensibility. These new tracks sound like a mix between THE VINES (back before Craig Nicholls went off the deep end) and REGURGITATOR” – taken from Sludge Factory live review from album showcase in February