Set Sail


Brandon Hoogenboom is an American singer/songwriter, who called Australia home for a large part of his musical career. It was in Australia where he met future bandmates and co-writers Josiah Willows, Joshua May and Daniel May – the quartet shortly became known as Set Sail.

During Hoogenboom’s time with Set Sail, they developed a strong following and a great reputation from their world busking tour – which saw the band travel across 48 different countries across Asia, Europe and North America, all of which was documented via a web series on YouTube.

The extensive Set Sail catalogue preaches themes of youthfulness and a carefree spirit, and musically, stays true to their unique brand of indie-pop summer jams. Together the band has released four EPs including Good Vibes (2015), The World Stage (2013), Hey! (2012) and The Riley Moore EP (2011). This together with the tour garnered them a strong online following and a solid 30K Facebook fans.

Once the band disbanded, Hoogenboom moved back to the USA, basing himself in Denver, Colorado. He is currently working on a brand new solo EP, due for release in 2016.