Little Coyote


This wily band of coyotes includes bassist Gareth Bussey, guitarist Matt Coates, vocalist Judd English, sax and keyboardist Jamie Murray and heavy-hitting drummer Anthony Dinh.

Judd and Anto have been friends since early days of high school, but it wasn’t long before Matt joined the rout and the three of them have been causing mischief ever since. During a typical post high school lull one thing became abundantly obvious, a normal life was not an option. As a result, in 2013 Little Coyote was born. Over the next year there was casual work and plenty of travel, which all took a backseat to a passion for music recklessly in the driver’s seat. Then all of a sudden, through a series of fateful events and encounters, Gareth joined the pack, bringing with him a bag of bass-line tricks and a heavy musical foundation. Shortly after that, a casual relationship with a local rapper and musician called “Baskiat” turned a lot more serious and, with his surprise sack of musical talent and ability, Jamie completed this Pentangulous quintet and Little Coyote was ready for action.

Little Coyote is a cheeky cosmic canine that guides people on a psychedelic journey from our world to the astral plane, along the way telling us stories of madness and adventure from all layers of reality. It’s also a band of five hungry young Sydney musicians looking to create the same transcendental experience.

Little Coyote has been influenced by the many musicians of the past, and will continue to be influenced by the many musicians of the future, but some of the more prominent ones include: The Black Keys | Red Hot Chili Peppers | Incubus | Tame Impala | The White Stripes | Cold War Kids | Queens of the Stone Age | Sticky Fingers.

Little Coyote is pulsating bass lines and melodic grooves. It’s thundering drum beats and fabled stories. It’s an expression that can invoke the spirits or heal the sick. It’s all of these things and none of them simultaneously. It’s a look into the electric cool aid without having to take a drink, but we think you might be thirsty, in which case… we can only hope it’s your cup of tea.