Jimi Polo


James Perri A.K.A. Jimi Polo is a Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Composer, Producer, Actor and DJ.

He started his career in Chicago as one of the pioneers of the Chicago house scene. With the songs of Libra Libra, and Jeanette Thomas – ‘Shake Your Body’ becoming a cult classic in Chicago and New York.

As the house movement became more mainstream in the UK, Jimi moved to London where his classic records were published - becoming an influential artist on the European dance scene as a result.

Many producers like Fatboy Slim, DJ Sasha, and Blur, have sampled his single ‘Better Days’. Jimi's other classic ‘Express Yourself’, signed by Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto Records label, is still played by many DJs and was included on Ministry of Sounds’ 20th anniversary box set in 2011.

Jimi was recognized by Nellie Hooper & Jazzie B, leaders of British R&B group Soul II Soul, with whom he was signed to for two years and had worldwide success - winning a Grammy in the process.

Jimi was also a mentor to Adamski who wrote Seal’s first song ‘Killer’, which was dedicated to Jimi for his support and was then covered by George Michael in the ‘90s.

After living in London, Jimi moved to Paris where he collaborated with Martin Solveig on ‘Come To Me’ and with Daft Punk on ‘If You Give Me The Love I Want’ as well as with David Guetta on his album ‘Blaster’.

Jimi has also lived in Italy, performing in iconic clubs across the country. Then onto Croatia, where he teamed up with Boris Durdevic (AKA) Eric Destler from Colonia to produce the song ‘Magic’.

Whilst living in Croatia, Jimi created the ‘Vagabond’ music label with Robert Cesljas in releasing music in a wide range of genres.

Recently he worked on a remix of his classic ‘Shake Your Body’ with Kenny Dope (Masters at Work).

Jimi has also worked on an opera and film score with Justin Berkmann, founder of Ministry of sound, and Simon Duffy entitled ‘The Mountain Shadow’.

He would go onto score his second film entitled ‘14 Barriers’ (‘14 prepreka’) a Croatian Film directed by Srecko Karic.

In 2023, Jimi acted in and scored the films ‘Hunting Tesla’ and ‘Something Larger Than Me’, as well as acting in ‘Naples to New York’ - Directed by Oscar winner Gabriele Salvatores.