Frederick 'Toots' Hibbert


Frederick "Toots" Hibbert is a multiple GRAMMY® Award-nominated and winning musician, vocalist, songwriter, producer and icon, known as the frontman of the legendary Jamaican group Toots and the Maytals.

Harking back to the start of Ska, during the civil rights movement era in America and Jamaican independence in the 1960s, Toots has sung iconic truths such as “Monkey Man” and “54-46 Was My Number,” a wry but not bitter response to his unjust incarceration for ganja. 

He hipped our heads in the 1970s with the dynamic pan-Africanism of “Funky Kingston” and the early warning message of “Pressure Drop”; re-defining soul with the “Toots In Memphis” LP in the 80s. 

Toots has constantly evolved while staying uniquely the same.

Since his wrongful 1966 imprisonment – which spawned one of his biggest global hits “54-46 Was My Number” -- Toots has gained insight into the corrupt systems that try to dominate our bravest endeavors, and it is in his new resistance music, that his anger at and sensitivity to injustice in 2020 is clearer than ever.

Returning with a message, with no apology – a warning, as he repeats for emphasis on his latest single "Got To Be Tough." The single comes with the welcomed news of a full-length Toots and The Maytals studio album release – of the same title as the single – set for global release via Trojan Jamaica/BMG Records on August 28, 2020.