Memorial at Adelaide Festival


“The Iliad is an important poem to me because I believe the soldiers it mentions were real people. It has always, I think, been read as an heroic epic rather than a lament. It would be wonderful if we could bring out this other, quieter Iliad in a new performance – in commemoration of the 1418 war as well as the wars at Troy and elsewhere.” Alice Oswald

Memorial is a Brink/Barbican co-production of ‘epic’ proportions that will have its world premiere in the 2018 Adelaide Festival and a season at one of the world’s leading cultural institutions in London, the Barbican Centre,

Conceived, commissioned, developed, created and premiered from and in South Australia, this grand theatrical vision will boast acclaimed local, national and international artists gathered together in an innovative multi-artform collaboration that will incorporate momentous community engagement including the incredible voices of Aurora - Young Adelaide Voices - Senior Vocal Ensemble and The Festival Statesmen Chorus conducted by Christe Anderson. We are also incredibly grateful to the Chorus members of La La Land, Poco Tutti and Tutti Choir (tutti), Choral Grief (choralgrief) and SOSA who have volunteered their voices to Memorial - conducted by Carol Young.