The Stone Foxes


The Stone Foxes BluesSoulRock San Francisco, CA It's been decided, we don't wanna be anything but a Rock n Roll band. We wanna hit hard, go fast, get low, get moody, and just do what feels good. We are on a mission to bottle up all the energy, the impressive amount of sweat, and the outrageous fun we have playing live, and give it back to the rest of the humans as a record. We're six dudes who believe that Rock n Roll can move mountains, and we're gonna play it till we move one.


  • The Stone Foxes Release New EP

    The Stone Foxes Release New EP

    18th September 2017

    The Stone Foxes released their EP Visalia on September 15. The long-awaited five tracks stay true to the origins of blues, country and Americana, and also allow the group's trademark live-show energy and contemporary spirit to shine...