Shaka Loveless


Shaka Loveless

Shaka Loveless – Songwriter


With his massive hits and positive energy, Shaka Loveless has become a household name in Denmark, and his effortless mix of rap, R&B, pop and reggae proves his versatility as an artist. He started his career as a lead singer for the hiphop/R&B-band “The Gypsies” and also played with the indie-rock group “Are We Brothers?”. He released his first tracks as a solo artist in 2012 and his contagious mix of rap, pop, reggae and R&B catapulted him to the top of the Danish charts.

His self-titled debut album from 2012 quickly went Gold, and the two first singles “Tomgang” and “Ikke mere tid” both went 4x Platinum for over 8 million streams each within a year of release.

Shaka Loveless’ music contains such heartfelt authenticity and contagious rhythm that it’s impossible to sit still while listening. His latest solo album Alting/Ingenting (“Everything/Nothing”) was critically acclaimed and he was especially praised for his lyrical braveness, using his music to create awareness of the struggles of society’s less fortunate.

He has collaborated with many of the top artists and producers in Denmark, such as Fresh-I, Wafande, Pilfinger, Medina, Burhan G, Pharfar, Suspekt, Hjalmer and Ankerstjerne.