Jim Keller


Jim Keller is an American musician, producer, manager, publisher, and composer whose work in the music business spans more than 40 years.

Keller first got attention years ago when, as part of San Francisco group Tommy Tutone, he co-wrote and performed “867-5309” (“Jenny Jenny”), a classic power pop tune that made 80’s radio so listenable.

After migrating to New York, he jumped the fence, running Philip Glass’s publishing company and taking over management of Glass’s career as director of Dunvagen Music.

In 2005, Keller returned to recording and performing and with a voice aged by time, whiskey and promises, he’s got the sound of someone who could have been Tom Petty’s therapist. He’s made three solo albums to date Sunshine In My Pocket (2005), Soul Candy (2011) and Heaven Can Wait (2014).

A cult figure in the music business, Keller’s gigs at New York’s Lakeside Lounge and The Rockwood Music Hall are legendary. If the best players in town weren’t on stage with him, they were in the audience, singing along, playing along, making the sort of noise that would get you locked up in a lesser town.

Written with longtime collaborator Byron Isaacs (The Lumineers, Levon Helm) and produced by Mitchell Froom (Los Lobos, Crowded House, Randy Newman) “Don’t Get Me Started” is what so many of us are feeling right now, whether we’re stuck at home or on the front lines.


  • Jim Keller Releases New Album In Seven Years 'By No Means'

    Jim Keller Releases New Album In Seven Years 'By No Means'

    12th February 2021

    Jim Keller has today released his new album By No Means. His first studio album in seven years, By No Means contains eleven new original tracks, marking the next chapter in one of music's most unique careers. For Keller, some previous...