TEITUR signs publishing deal with Edition Wilhelm Hansen, part of Wise Music Group

TEITUR signs publishing deal with Edition Wilhelm Hansen, part of Wise Music Group
Finnur Justinussen

We are proud to announce that Edition Wilhelm Hansen, part of Wise Music Group, have signed a publishing deal with Faroese songwriter and singer Teitur Lassen, commonly known as Teitur. The agreement is a co-publishing deal with Arlo & Betty Music, run by his longtime manager Christian Ulf-Hansen.

With a blend of folk, pop, and acoustic elements, Teitur's music is characterized by poignant lyrics and emotive melodies. Growing up in the remote Faroe Islands, his early exposure to music was diverse, ranging from traditional Faroese tunes to classic rock and pop.

Teitur's musical journey began in earnest when he moved to Denmark to pursue his passion for music, leading him to signing worldwide record and publishing deals in America. He released his debut album, "Poetry & Aeroplanes," in 2003, which garnered critical acclaim and introduced audiences to his introspective songwriting style. The album's success propelled Teitur onto the international stage, earning him a dedicated following.

Over the years, Teitur has continued to enchant audiences with his soulful performances and introspective lyrics, releasing several albums that have further solidified his reputation as a gifted songwriter. His discography includes albums such as "Stay Under the Stars" (2006), "The Singer" (2008), and "Let the Dog Drive Home" (2010), each showcasing his evolution as an artist.

Beyond his solo work, Teitur has collaborated with a diverse array of musicians and artists, further expanding his creative horizons, including contemporary classical composer Nico Muhly on the album “Confessions” (2016), an electronica collaboration with Mads Bjorn “Running Music” (2018), with the Aarhus Jazz Orchestra "Songs From A Social Distance" (2023) and collaborating as co-writer/producer with artists like Judith Holofernes of Wir Sind Helden and Danish band Swan Lee on their long awaited album “The Garden”.

His music has been featured in films such as ‘My Super-Ex Girlfriend’ , TV shows like Paolo Sorrentino’s 'The New Pope’ and his songs have been covered by artists from Seal to Nolwenn Leroy, Mina to Mandy Patinkin, which, combined with his growing status as a modern composer in multiple genres, has cemented his status as a respected figure in the music industry and leaving an indelible mark on the contemporary music scene.


Any questions or inquiries, please contact Charlotte Paludan or Katarina Madsen at Edition Wilhelm Hansen. cp@ewh.dk / kjm@ewh.dk