Samadhisound 2003–2014 – Do You Know Me Now?

 Samadhisound 2003–2014 – Do You Know Me Now?

samadhisound and UMR are proud to announce the release of samadhisound 2003–2014 – Do You Know Me Now?, a limited edition deluxe 10”x10” 10CD boxset. The box is presented in a stunning slipcase and features a 100-page hardback book with previously unseen artwork and contextual essays by David Sylvian and renowned graphic designer and author Adrian Shaughnessy on the visual aesthetic of the samadhisound label.

In early 2003, having already parted ways with the Virgin label after a record 21 years, there followed a sense of both autonomy and having worked on retrospectives and remixes for the past few years, a change in direction was needed. As a result, that year Sylvian created the samadhisound label for which he claims he created his most liberated, personal and substantial work of his creative life. This newly collected 10CD set contains the entirety of the work Sylvian produced, both solo and in collaboration, over the 11 years of the label’s existence.

The boxset has been beautifully art directed and designed by Sylvian and his partner on all the label’s projects, Chris Bigg. The slipcase features a stunning photograph by Manafon cover artist Ruud Van Empel. There is also a collaboration with artist/musician Lance Austin Olsen for the three of the CD sleeves. The production values of this release are on par with all those that Sylvian and Bigg created for the samadhisound label itself.

samadhisound 2003–2014 – Do You Know Me Now? contains all of David Sylvian’s solo albums released on his independent label, samadhisound, between 2003 and 2014, plus the albums recorded with Nine Horses, Jan Bang and Erik Honoré, and Franz Wright and Christian Fennesz. The set also contains an exclusive compilation CD, “Do You Know Me Now?” featuring non-album tracks recorded with Ryuichi Sakamoto and Nine Horses.

Speaking of his time releasing music via samadhisound, Sylvian says “Although I personally maintain samadhisound is the home of my best work it was produced during a very turbulent period that precipitated some devastating changes in my life. I can’t gloss over this fact as it’s incorporated into, and informs the material in many ways. Maybe that’s why, after all this time, outside of any possible musical innovation, it remains so important to me.”

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