NEW 'Composing Myself' Podcast - Ep. 8 Missy Mazzoli

NEW 'Composing Myself' Podcast - Ep. 8 Missy Mazzoli
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Over the course of the series, they talk to various Wise composers around the world about their lives in and out of music. Guests so far include Nico Muhly, Joby Talbot, Rachel Portman, Rod Argent, Anna Thorvaldsdottir and Josephine Stephenson.

This week they talk with Missy Mazzoli about her childhood obsession with Beethoven and learning to play on a piano bought in a flea market, how writing made her feel like she was “putting the world in order”, getting stuck in to the Pennsylvania Riot Grrrl scene as a teenager, her long-standing collaboration with librettist Royce Vavrek, and how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the creation of her most recent opera The Listeners.

Composing Myself is available on all digital platforms. More to come in 2023!