Composing Myself With Rod Argent, mastermind of The Zombies - Episode 4 From Wise Music's Latest Podcast Series


The big red beachball of conversation is kept resolutely in the air in this fourth episode of Composing Myself, with Wise Music CEO Dave Holley and Creative Director Gill Graham speaking to the effervescent Rod Argent, mastermind of The Zombies and Wise Music composer in his own right. Subjects of import covered in this terrific ramble through the wilds of Bantershire include: - the 'secret jazz’ element of She’s Not There, and the Dick James offer that led to the timeless classic’s creation. - ruminations on what it felt like hearing Bach (“I just melted… this is what music should be!”) and Elvis for the first time. - the definitive conclusion on why classical music is “completely stimulating and exciting”. - being the next band in after the Beatles finished Sgt Pepper at Abbey Road …. plus learning to sight read, working with Andrew Lloyd Webber, an explanation on why the Zombies decided on that name, and much more!