Paddy Mulcahy Releases His Album Angel's Share


Paddy Mulcahy’s free-ranging and genre-bending hybrid of post-classical and electronica may not use words to express its feelings yet Angel's Share - his first album for Sony offshoot XXIM - is a deep and moving work, inspired by loss and anxiety in a time of crisis, though the Irish composer finds a place of peace and resolution. In the process of converging threads of electronica, classical, ambient, dance, avant-pop, chillwave and drum & bass to create a multi-dimensional work of shifting rhythm, texture, mood and impact, Angel's Share also expands the Irish composer’s instrumental and studio capabilities. Mulcahy’s fusion of emotion and technique is a beautifully honed sound and vision for head and heart, body and soul. Angel's Share, dedicated to his late father, represents, “my way of coping with the 18 months following our loss, whilst handling a career during a global pandemic, and trying to get back to normality.”