WaqWaq Kingdom Release New EP 'Dokkoisho'


Following the success of their last album Essaka in 2019, WaqWaq Kingdom (Shigeru Ishihara and Kiki Hitomi) have returned with their brilliant new EP Dokkoisho released on Friday 18th September.

Dokkoisho is a Japanese word, an informal interjection roughly equivalent to the heavy sigh in sitting down after a long day of work. “Like telling yourself I am tired but now I relax then after I will carry on,” Kiki writes. “It is used in daily life and also for shout in Sumo match and Kabuki. It has got the meaning that you will continuously carry on. It sort of contains the encouragement meaning.” Perseverance and self-belief are common themes for WaqWaq Kingdom, and the music of Dokkoisho echoes this strain of determination and inner strength.

Listen here