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The Valencian musician and producer based in Madrid, Pau Paredes, has been a producer, drummer and keyboardist for rock, indie and electronic bands for the last 15 years. His long experience in the studio and on stage is reflected in his sophisticated, sensitive and nuanced compositions.

Now, Pau presents his most personal project under his stage name, Pau Corea, where he expresses through his music a fascinating mixture of beauty and strangeness at the same time. It can be defined as pop music induced by new sounds, new structures and delicate changing harmonies.

In October 2023, Pau Corea releases his first album, which is destined to become one of the leading pop and electronic artists on the national scene. He has composed, performed, produced, mixed and mastered all the tracks on his first LP. A work with the essence of becoming a classic thanks to a solid project that is sure to dazzle the most restless ears.


  • Pau Corea: a debut album beyond time

    Pau Corea: a debut album beyond time

    6th oktober 2023

    The Valencian musician and producer based in Madrid self-releases his first LP after five years of creative process to present himself as one of the figures with more personality in the music scene. A melancholic pop combined with electronic avant-garde.