"Broken Soldier" - new single from Fallulah


Fallulah has just released her new single "Broken Soldier"! It is the first single from her next EP, All My Eyes Are Open pt. II.

The track draws inspiration from Fallulahs Balkan roots and uses strong imagery to convey the message, with lyrics suchs as »My heart is a broken soldier / my heart needs a friendly shoulder«

It's a song that's very close to Fallulah's heart: "This song is really special to me. Of course they all are but some just mean that bit extra. I wrote it after a very dark time in my life where I had felt so disconnected from myself, from my purpose and the love of music and from true lightness and joy. The answer was to start treating myself as a friend. I had always taken pride in being a really good friend to others, the loyal one and the one always ready to drop everything to offer my help and support. The one always showing up and keeping my word. But I had forgotten to do the same for myself.

I would stretch myself too thin, never being fully present in what I was doing because I felt torn by expectations (my own and from others) and not managed take care of my own well being, which made me feel like a failure as an artist and a new mother.

It has taken a long time and some rough lessons but I’m finally getting there! Today I am my own friend. And again in love with my life and making music. Feeling that true 🔥 within that has always been my companion."

Listen to the track on Spotify.

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