VELVE is a trained jazz singer, composer and producer of Electronic Pop Music in Berlin. She had been guest singer for Brandt Brauer Frick, Miss Kittin and Pole before starting to produce her own music.

In 2017 songs from her second album GYNOID were licensed for Fashion Week Vienna. Her third album THE BODILESS SERIES contains seven beautifully cinematic ambient tracks.

VELVE's latest album X TO THE MILLION includes fifteen tracks. Ambient and acid sounds float over a deep, bass driven groove, playing with vintage rave patterns and the multi-faceted voice of VELVE who presents a unique style here - both intense and addictive. No snare, kick, bass or synth is ever repeated, each track has its individual sound vocabulary. The title „X TO THE MILLION“ in a mathematical sense deals with the potentialisation of the placeholder X, that stands for a thought from which a whole universe can be created. VELVE conceives the album as an audiovisual work of art with a live performance accompanied by 3D video arts displaying her utopia.