Toechter is a Berlin based band researching the use of string instruments in sound design, composing and collaborating in the fields of experimental, contemporary pop, electronic and film music. The band consists of Katrine Grarup Elbo (violin), Lisa Marie Vogel (violin) and Marie-Claire Schlameus (cello). 

Utilizing their classical training they experiment, improvise and arrange for strings. They share the curiosity of finding the synergy between their instruments’ age-worn timbre and layers of electronics. The constant search for expansion of expression and language of sound unites them.

Toechter was founded in 2019 and has since collaborated with artists like producer and composer Excelsior (DK), and young rising pop comet Remme (NL). Their current and recent work is very much dedicated to their first album. Recently, they contributed with their specific sound aesthetics, improvised and electronic layers to the score for a Zentropa production, Danish director Christoffer Boe’s newest feature film "A Taste Of Hunger".