The String Theory


The artist collective THE STRING THEORY constantly investigates new ways of interdisciplinary collaboration in the outskirts of composition, improvisation, art installation and social event. The ensemble first came together in Berlin in 2007 – the brainchild of conductors/producers BEN LAUBER and PC NACKT – and has now, some 12 years later, become a multimedia collective with 5 albums and just as many European and North American tours under their belt.

Born during an intensive 4-day workshop & recording session in April 2019, when The String Theory had just finished the US leg of their world tour with their long-term collaborator JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ in Los Angeles, the recording of the song “Good Vibes” marked the beginning of this show-stopping collaboration with Sekou Andrews: Aptly titled, it captured the magic of these initial sessions which saw some 50+ musicians come together under the same roof, among them soul legend Amy Keys, opera star Sonia Kazarova and a number of heavyweights of the L.A. classical music scene. In June 2019, another 5 tracks were recorded between Los Angeles and Berlin to round up what can be considered one of the finest albums to combine spoken word and orchestral music and, in fact, the first one to ever be nominated for a Grammy


  • Bosworth Creative x Reeperbahn Festival 2022

    Bosworth Creative x Reeperbahn Festival 2022

    23rd August 2022

    Vom 22.bis 24.September 2022 findet das beliebte Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg statt. 30.000 Besucher können knapp 600 Programmpunkte beim größten Club-Festival überhaupt erleben. Auch wir sind dieses Jahr wieder mitten drin! Am...