The Sigourney Weavers


The Sigourney Weavers are a young Swedish band from Ludvika who are both excellent musicians and have a great sense for catchy melodies. Sometimes they sound like their Swedish colleagues The Hives or Caesars sometimes you can notice a certain influence from bands like The Killers. The first album "Blockbuster" was published on 22 August 2014 with Rookie Records.


  • TSW - new album in October and tour

    TSW - new album in October and tour

    13th September 2016

    GERMAN (English see below): The Sigourney Weavers aus Schweden veröffentlichen am 23. Oktober 2016 ihr neues Album "Noir", das wie der Vorgänger bei Rookie Records erscheint. Als Vorgeschmack gibt es die Single "Light Up Dark" schon einmal...