Scars on 45


After Scars On 45’s EP Give Me Something came out in early 2011, the rock group found themselves on a journey they hadn’t intentionally started. The foursome, who hail from Bradford, England, had created the album with no real plan of being an actual band, just four friends making music together for a few years prior. Signing with Chop Shop/Atlantic, which scored a song placement on Grey’s Anatomy, solidified that fact that Scars On 45 would be a band and would tour and would make more music.

The band unveiled their self-titled debut album in the spring of 2012 and embarked on what felt like an endless tour. The album, which debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, earned critical acclaim, and VH1 named the band a “You Oughta Know Artist” leading to their national TV debut on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

“We used to get together and just be friends and play music,” Danny says. “Once we got signed, we were basically sent to America and we were shoved in a van and told to tour. That’s how we learned really to be a band. Before that, we really didn’t play live at all. It was a big learning curve for us those three years, and we felt like we got swallowed up in the whole industry thing. It was the most enjoyable time of any of our lives, but we also got a bit lost in it.”

The follow-up album, titled "Safety In Numbers" was funded with the help of fans through a Pledge Music campaign and reflects all years of hard work the band had. As they wrote, the musicians looked back over the three years they’d spent on the road and what those experiences had meant for them as humans. “Golden,” the album’s anthemic opening number, and “This Is Not Your Love Song,” a surging, hook-laden rocker represent the band’s entry points into the collection, both setting the tone for what "Safety In Numbers" eventually became. “Crazy For You,” the disc’s first single, is cathartic and lovely, its propulsive chorus offering a plaintive sense of longing. The album glides through various emotions, revealing the sheer joy of experiencing your dream to the discontent that comes with leaving home and relationships for so many years.

After finishing the album, Scars On 45 found both a new record label, Nettwerk, and renewed sense of passion for their music.