Eva Keretic


EVA is a multicultural singer-songwriter, born and raised in New York and living abroad for the
past 30 years. The daughter of European immigrants, Eva developed both a passion for music and an ease with cultural diversity early in life. Growing up in the 70’s, she was mostly
influenced by Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Burt Bacharach. At 18, she packed her suitcase and moved to Europe. The musical journey that’s resulted truly spans continents and EVA’s sound reflects it. Over the years, EVA has proven that she’s equally at home performing in an art nouveau apartment in Hamburg and a hip club in Greenwich Village, as she is opening for a Westernhagen concert to 30,000 spectators.

Warner Music released EVA’s debut album, Imported, to rave reviews in 2003, and that was just the beginning. Her next three albums, Bittersweet Sessions (2010), Sky Wide Open (2012) and The 70’s EP (2014) were recorded in “live” sessions with Kevin Bents (Steely Dan, Phoebe Snow, Jewel, Westernhagen, Boz Scaggs, Spin Doctors), Doug Yowell (Suzanne Vega, Joe Jackson, Duncan Sheik), Gabriel Gordon (Natalie Merchant), Fontaine Burnett (Chaka Khan,
Wynton Marsalis, Orange Blue, Max Herre) and singer/songwriter Ari Hest. Each album encapsulates the emotion and authenticity of her musical and personal journeys at the time, bringing thoughts and melodies together in a way that befitted the respective stage of her life.

EVA has an incredibly creative mind, bursting with energy and ideas. She writes all her own lyrics and music. She also developed the live-session concept for her albums, and got worldclass musicians on board to perform and produce them with her. Her talent and charisma as a performer, her authenticity as a person and her unique knack for lyrics win people over - on and off stage. EVA follows her own path and is true to her voice when composing and performing. The result is genuine - what she performs is what she lives.

In 2016, on the occasion of her 50th birthday (05.05), EVA will release her latest album, 50/50. With 50/50, EVA and her longtime musical partner Fontaine Burnett took things back to the studio and let it all go. The result: they invented a whole new sound in two totally different directions. 50/50 takes the listener on a new musical journey, from extremely relaxed sounds straight on through to world music, with blues, hard rock, trip hop and even an a capella song along the way. And this is not the end, it’s just the middle!


  • Evas neues Album "50/50" ab 5.5. erhältlich!

    Evas neues Album "50/50" ab 5.5. erhältlich!

    4th Mai 2016

    Am 5. Mai 2016 erscheint Eva Keretics neues Album "50/50" und wird auf iTunes und Co. erhältlich sein. Ihre Songs – das waren bisher wunderbar eingängige und gehaltvolle Singer-Songwriter-Lieder. Jetzt verdoppelt sie im Handstreich ihr...