Emiel Pijnaker


Emiel is a singer-songwriter, drummer, film producer and wrote songs for several musicals. His career started at high school, when during a drum workshop he met Caesar Zuiderwijk, the drummer of the band the Golden Earring (“Radar Love”). Caesar became his drum teacher and mentor. After that, during his time as an Au Pair in New Jersey, Emiel wrote the songbook “Secret Kitchen”, while getting inspiration from the weekly visits to New York City, where he saw and played with many singer songwriters on Bleeker Street in the Village. Two years later he was on tour with the Rhythm and Blues band of Roy Roberts (Solomon Burke) as a drummer.

During his time on the tour, back in New York City, he auditioned for a sub label of Maverick Records and got offered a contract on the spot. Michael Taylor of Maverick Records (now Head Universal Music Group Australia): “The reason for signing was the quality of songs and the unique “blue eyed soul” that Emiel has in his voice...”. After that Emiel started writing and producing with Carnegie Hall and Julliard pianist, Daniel Lessner.

When Emiel moved back to Europe, he became the frontman of the band Yellow Pearl. With Yellow Pearl he performed over 1000 live shows and had many accomplishments, such as a record deal with Sony/BMG records, and a deal with Universal publishing, after their first TV appearance at the National Song festival. Their first single “For You and Me” became an instant radio hit. After that, they had the opportunity to play as the opening act for international bands, such as Thin Lizzy and Mother’s Finest. They also sold out Paradiso twice, (the Dutch music temple in Amsterdam) and played a steamy show at the Zwarte Cross (the biggest music festival in Holland). From this day on Yellow Pearl also holds the all-time record for most live performances on Radio 3FM. The summer single “Temptation” became the 5 star track on Radio 2 (Hollands biggest radio station) and was used for two months straight during the daily TV summer promo, six times a day on NPO1 (the biggest TV station in Holland). Emiel and Yellow Pearl also released the Top 10 hit “See You Again”, they performed this song live on BBC’s Top of the Pops.

The Yellow Pearl album “The Rebel in You” was produced by Stephen van Haestreght (drummer from Within Temptation). In 2020 the singles “Everything is Different Now”, “Nieuw Begin” (a collaboration with the act Hookmeister) and the single “Without Your Love” (mixed and mastered by Kevin Anyaeji who worked with the Script and Nikki Minaj) were released. All of the singles received airplay, mainly on Radio2, Radio 1, 3FM and
Radio 5.

In 2021 the single “Stay”, produced and mixed by Han Nuijten (Lenny Kravitz), was released. Later in 2021 a live album/DVD will follow.