24 years old, dery is grounded in her identity. She is a force of expression all on her own, using music composition as her tool to explore the complexities of sound. Songwriting allows dery to unearth layers of meaning that reflect the world around her instead of solely focussing on her own experience. Her sound creates a transfixing auditory environment for the listener, exploring concepts on an intimate and global
spectrum. Dery challenges music industry norms by focussing on composition rather than composer.

Dery is a genuine and versatile songwriter, who co-produced her work with drummer/producer Doug Yowell. In 2014 they released their first EP “the foreword”, consisting of songs about divorce and domestic violence accompanied by her unique, meditative sound. In 2019 she released “chapter one” - a 16 song album ranging in genre from pop to jazz to drum-heavy a-capella tracks exploring territories of indecisiveness, heartbreak, assault, and disease. She released “chapter one” for those moments when we turn to music to feel less alone. For dery it does not matter what you look like, who you are, or where you come from - it is her true belief that we all share the same emotions despite our differences and experience similar hardships no matter who we are.

Her perspective has informed her writing as she moved in international circles, growing up between New York and Hamburg, Germany, shaping her many views of the world. Dery was encouraged by her parents to pursue songwriting/music from the age of 14. She grew up playing the piano, guitar, ukulele and flute, to accompany her calming, melodious voice that will urge you to listen and give the impression of a warm embrace. Working through contemporary issues and philosophies, dery has written a multitude of songs for herself and others, such as Swiss musician Caroline Chevin.