Yndi Halda


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yndi halda are an indie & post-rock group from Kent, England whose lengthy compositions include sweeping strings, multi-part vocal harmonies and dramatic crescendos. The group was formed in 2001 by guitarist and lead vocalist James Vella, guitarist Jack Lambert, violinist Daniel Neal, and drummer Oliver Newton, all of whom were teenagers at the time. The band has since expanded to include Simon Hampshire (bass guitar and vocals) and Philip Self (keyboards, guitar and vocals). The band's debut album "Enjoy Eternal Bliss" was initially self-released in 2006, and gained the group a following despite its limited availability. The group signed to European label Big Scary Monsters and American imprint Burnt Toast Vinyl, both of whom re-released Enjoy Eternal Bliss as a full-length in 2007. yndi halda toured across Europe, North America, and Asia in support of the critically acclaimed album. In 2016, after a lengthy hiatus, yndi halda returned to public visibility with a brand new album, Under Summer. Well received critically, the album placed a greater emphasis on songwriting and vocal harmonies than its largely instrumental predecessor. The band toured in the UK, Europe, the US and Mexico, and Asia in support of Under Summer and its accompanying EP "A Sun-Coloured Shaker", released in 2018 and subsequently remixed by electronic / instrumental hip-hop luminary Prefuse73 in 2019.