The Phase


Formerly known as 'The Phase'

Milo Viti is an Alternative Pop singer/songwriter from Sydney who aims to create music that indirectly challenges pop culture and its aesthetic. Milo takes on a mainstream pop music aesthetic while holding the nonconformist values of an alternative pop band. He aims to create catchy melodies and lyrics to coincide with the mass-produced pop scene while giving each song various levels of meaning which are ultimately more complex than it’s superficial appeal.

After spending the first few years of his adult life as a professional contemporary dancer Milo Viti made the move from professional dancer to musician about 2 years ago when he started looking for band members and has since found the most loveable band of people. Previously under the name The Phase he released his debut single 'Can't Get It' to a small but highly supportive reception and have come back again with his latest release, 'Burnout'.

Recorded with Oscar Sharah at Grouch Productions in Sydney, 'Burnout' creates a cool summer vibe with a heavy dance beat that you can’t help but move along to. The song is about over exerting yourself in things that don’t actually matter and stop you from enjoying the things that actually do

“This song is for all the people working hard to make money but are always too burnt out after working so hard to ever enjoy it” – says Milo.