Taylor Payne


Based out of Queensland, Taylor Payne’s music is best described as pop-laced with dark undertones and 80’s nostalgia. She writes with obscure and shadowy themes and deliverers them with an upbeat and contagious energy.

Influenced by current artists like Glass Animals and Florence and the Machine, Taylor also grew up listening to Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga which helped shape a unique blend of nostalgic pop. Taylor’s music is frequently paired with visually stunning videos which have been featured on the likes of MTV and Rage.

Taylor worked in conjunction with A&R Department in Sydney, releasing ‘Outsider’ in 2015 and ‘The Jungle Talks’ in 2016, getting traction in Spotify playlists in Australia and New Zealand. Her most recent 2018 release ‘Stab In The Dark’ is quickly gaining a similar response.

Incorporating music videos is something of great significance to Taylor, "sometimes the idea for a video comes first, before the song. Either way it feels incomplete if one is without the other."

Taylor's music is escapism for the people under the pressure of reality.