Sven Helbig


Sven Helbig is part of a generation of composers who cross the border between classical and popular music. He is recognized in the world of contemporary classical music as well as in the popular music scene.
On one hand he started creative collaborations with Fauré Quartett, opera singer René Pape, Kristjan Järvi or the Deutsche Grammophon label, on the other hand he worked with pop artists likethe Pet Shop Boys, Rammstein or Snoop Dogg.
In addition to his choir and orchestra compositions for the classical concert stage, Sven Helbig tours with his electronic music. On mallets, controllers and keyboards he adds prepared sounds and samples to his compositions , using all means of electronic altering.
Last year Sven Helbig was awarded with the title “Maestro Honorario” from the National University of San Martin in Buenos Aires. Since then he has been working closely with the university on mutual art projects and has given presentations on subjects of intercultural exchange.
Sven Helbig was born in Eisenhuettenstadt and studied music in Dresden and New York. In 1996 he and Markus Rindt founded the Dresdner Sinfoniker – the first European orchestra exclusively dedicated to contemporary music.
In February 2013 Sven Helbig released his debut album “Pocket Symphonies“ at Deutsche Grammophon.