Reykjavik606 | Endless Summer In Peckham | Album Teaser


Kino Internacional and Borja Piñeiro are in charge of creating the sound atmospheres of Reykjavik 606. A musical platform where hardware, software, near-field recordings and samples are mixed together to create melancholic, narcotic and cinematographic atmospheres. Organic beats that continuously change shape and take you into a unique mental and emotional state.

Childhood friends with a long-standing obsession for music and the technology behind it all, Borja studied percussion, while Kino learned piano and became one of the lucky few selected for the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp in 2013. Combining expertise and vision, they found the perfect balance in Reykjavik606.

The union of the two makes this project a continuous journey through their own feelings and sensations, which, translated into sounds, manages to capture the essence and fill the space.

In their latest album, 'Endless Summer In Peckham', recorded at Mecca Studios, the Basque duo declares their love for the new jazz scene that has emerged in England, with the collaboration of international artists such as Ishmael Ensemble and Tenderlonius. It is the first work of this kind to be made in Spain. An album where UK jazz and electronic atmospheres merge in the same sonic nature.