Poems For Jamiro


Hamburg based indie pop duo Poems For Jamiro are Nina Müller (vocals, piano, guitar) and Laila Nysten (vocals, violin). Their songs tell gloomy stories about forgotten places, imaginary childhood heroes, hopes and the comfort of solitude. In 2013 Nina took a trip to New York and her only companion was a red notebook which she filled with new ideas for songs. Enjoying the distance and absence from home she simultaneously created a world of longing and recollection remembering her imaginary childhood hero Jamiro. This music is made to sit back and listen to lead you like a book into a fanciful world of wanderlust and a whiff of darkness. In 2014 they won the famous “Krach & Getoese“ pop music award of the city of Hamburg. Their concerts and CDs/EPs are self-organized and self-produced as is their visual presentation and CI.