Peter Pux


Lyrics empowered by observation. Prose that sums it all up. Captivating melodies. Peter Pux.

300 concerts later the four-man band from lake Constance has proved why Mannheim‘s prestigious Popacademy has long since adopted them into their official band-pool.

Their most recent EP „Stadtland“ („City-Land“) shows that Peter Pux left their fledging stages. Already their debut-album „Nackt bis auf die Haut“ („skin-bare“) showed a wide spectrum of lyrical and thematic variations. The songs are about broken relationships and disappointments but also of freedom, summer days and weightlessness. Showing a surprising clarity for his age, Peter describes his environment, lyrically summing up complex issues in just a few simple words. But it‘s not just their lead singer or a band that naturally speaks the same musical language, it‘s the sobre-minded lyrics and a discretion unusually revealed in musicians of their age that gives this musical marriage a clear profile. Rather than hype and hectic they prefer deliberate and level-headed lyrics which are built to last.

Continuity is what „Stadtland“ has achieved and we can genuinely look forward to an exciting future for this band. But for now Peter, Florian, Steffen and Thilo have given us a song collection that is built to last.