Mieke Miami


Mieke Miami is a rising indie pop artist from Luckenwalde. Her music, described as a mix of folk, pop, acid jazz, soul, and funk, has earned her recognition as a notable newcomer. She was already declared one of the most important newcomers of 2021 by Tipberlin. Mieke, trained in saxophone, piano, and flute at the Berlin University of the Arts under David Friedman, Jiggs Whigham, and Gregoire Peters, now resides with her family in picturesque Luckenwalde, Brandenburg. Her second album, "Montecarlo Magic,"  after "In the Old Forest", recorded in her rehearsal space located within the historic Luckenwalde coal-fired power station, serves as a testament to her artistic endeavors. Inspired by the atmosphere of her surroundings and influenced by artists like Lester Young, Mieke's music embodies a vivid picture of a polyphonic world.