Kenny Inglis


Kenny Inglis is a self-taught composer and music producer who has created over 150 compositions for use in film, TV, advertising, games and new media, as well as releasing work commercially. Over his 20+ year career in music, he has composed for documentaries such as Super Hospital, Scotland’s First Oil Rush and BBC’s The Bridge: Fifty Years Across The Forth, the latter resulting a 2015 BAFTA win for his music. Kenny has also created bespoke music for a number of big film trailer campaigns, including The Tourist, Lakeview Terrace and Gangster Squad. In 2006, he was commissioned by the Scottish Ballet to write and produce music in collaboration with principle dancer Jarkko Lehmus, to accompany his contemporary choreographic piece The Daily Bread. As a musician and producer, Kenny has worked with artists such as Andy Bell, Ricky Ross and Sophie Barker, and released music under the pseudonyms Cinephile, Mothmatix, Kid Grenade, Transit, Koba, and Spylab; his commercial work has been placed in a number of high profile US shows, including Six Feet Under, CSI, Nikita and Num8ers