Gustav Winckler


Gustav Winckler was a popular Danish singer, composer and music publisher. Already as a child, he started singing with the Copenhagen Boys Choir and while he had a job as a painter, his dream of being a singer was still alive. In the late 1940’s, he started singing in amateur competitions, and won a fair few of them. He got a reputation as “The Bing Crosby of Nørrebro (neighbourhood in Copenhagen)” and other amateur singers refused to sign up for a competition if Winckler was also entering.

From this point onwards, his career really took off. In 1957, He won the Melodi Grand Prix (Danish Song Contest) alongside Birthe Wilke with the evergreen “Skibet skal sejle i nat”. They placed third in the Eurovision Song Contest. Around his time, Gustav Winckler was also starting to write and compose songs and in 1959, he started his own music publishing company and quickly rose to be a prominent figure in the Danish music publishing business.