Florencia Di Concilio


Florencia Di Concilio is well-established in the area of film music and one of the most successful composers in France where she lives and works. Among several new film soundtracks she wrote the score for River Phoenix’ last film Dark Blood. Over the past few years Florencia Di Concilio has composed the original soundtrack for more than 30 award winning feature films and documentaries for cinema and television (ARTE, BBC, HBO, Sundance, Canal +, etc), working with a wide range of directors such as George Sluizer, Heddy Honigmann, Peter Wintonick, Angus MacQueen, Tanaz Eshaghian, Laura Bari, Marc and Nick Francis or Gonzalo Arijon whom she frequently collaborates with. Florencia Di Concilio’s diversified film scoring work has received high critical acclaim from the L.A. Times, Variety, Entertainment Weekly and the New York Times. Experienced in creating both orchestral and rather minimalist works Florencia Di Concilio frequently is commissioned to compose pieces for dance companies, soloists, music ensembles and visual artists.