Die Nachtschwärmer


Started many years ago as a German folk music band, "Die Nachtschwärmer" (Nighthawks), has now developed into a well-known showact. Whether at festivals, town parties, on big or small stages, in the mountains or at the famous Oktoberfest‚ Nachtschwärmer’s songs and their special cover versions of popular smash hits are rocking every stage. Thilo is the oldest ‚Nachtschwärmer’. At the age of 7 he started to play his Styrian accordion. Andi is the heart of the bandand primarily plays the percussion. Guitar player David was born in Panama and if he is not on tour with the band he composes songs in his mother tongue with a slight Bavarian accent. Nachtschwärmer’s unique mixture even made it to Hollywood: Their song “Durscht” can be heard at an Oktoberfest scene in the Vince Vaughn comedy film “Unfinished Business” (2015).