Craig Walker & The Cold


"Electric Shoes” is the working title for the debut album from Craig Walker + The Cold. Due out in Winter 2021/2, this is a carefully selected and curated body of work that is the culmination of 3 years of collaboration and recording in Berlin and Toronto.

Originally from Dublin, Ireland. Craig Walker has been constantly writing, touring and recording since his debut release with cult Irish band Power of Dream back in 1989. Since then he has been seen as one of Ireland's most recognized songwriters covering multiple acts, genres and territories.

Craig has performed or written with a who's who of performers since Power ofDreams. Including three albums as the frontman of hugely successful prog/electronica band Archive. Albums also with the Alan Mcgee signed electronic outfit Mineral, German techno act Booka Shade, as well as one Them There album with Phoebe Killdeer. A track co written with Phoebe Kildeer, "Fade Out Lines" was reworked by French superstar DJ, The Avener. A radio #1 around the world and recently awarded 6 times diamond status in France, this is a song that will be around for a long time. More recently Craig has co/written two songs on the new James Hersey album ‘Fiction’ and is currently writing new albums with young Berlin starlets Sara Hartman and Novaa.

Not to be overshadowed, Canadian (The Cold) musician Erik Alcock brings more than his fair share to this party. A multi instrumentalist and noted songwriter and producer, Erik boasts credits with the likes of Eminem, Celine Dion, Kanye West, Pink to start with. Erik's influence is felt throughout Electric Shoes with the unique production and playing throughout the album. Ryan McCambridge played the final part of the puzzle with his additional production and mixing which helped create the wall of sound which defines this album through tracks like "How to mourn a glacier" and "40 years".

Electric Shoes is an electric collection of songs covering quirky, fun (Get Arrested / The ringmaster), to the look back at 1990s drug infested Dublin (Junkie Sunset), the poignant Iris and the brilliant title track which is a collaboration with producer / dj / record label owner, Mark Reeder.

Electric shoes will be available to pre-order and stream very soon.

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