Brixtonboogie is a German urban blues band from Hamburg founded by composer and music producer Krisz Kreuzer in 2005. Their sound is a mix of traditional Blues combined with elements from Jazz, Funk, Rock, Soul, Hip Hop and electronic music. Their cover of‘Way Down In The Hole’ is praised by Tom Waits and one of 16 songs on the second Brixtonboogie album ‘Crossing Borders’. For Kreuzer this is a consequential musical progression from their 2009 debut album ‘Urban Blues’ which reached number one on the iTunes Blues charts and brings collective blues into the present. “Brixtonboogie preserves this attitude, but on the other hand we don’t want to cover old ground. No one wants to hear the hundred thousandth version of ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ and I also don’t see myself as a curator of some kind of blues ghetto. We capture the blues but play and live it in the here and now”.