Brave Timbers


brave timbers is melodic and minimal instrumental music using violin, piano, tenor and six-string acoustic guitar and the harmonium. The music is often improvised, using looped strings, subtle piano and finger picked guitar to create a warm and organic sound. Songs are inspired by nature, and often accompanied by visuals.

In November 2016 brave timbers announced the release of 'secret hopes' on Sound in Silence Records - a companion piece to the album 'hope' released earlier in the year. 'secret hopes' collected exclusive new tracks in conjunction with reworked versions of tracks from 'hope'. An invitation to take part in a session for national Australian Radio ABC gave the duo the impetus to reimagine a number of tracks from 'hope' to create the body of the record.

brave timbers released their second album 'hope' through Gizeh Records and Little Crackd Rabbit Records in February 2016. 'hope' is a reflective, pastoral album that carefully builds its ambient landscapes. These eleven instrumental compositions demonstrate the minimal clarity of brave timbers, the piano and violin circling one another, creating a sense of space and terrain.

The debut album 'for every day you lost' was released in September 2010 on Second Language Records. It was made album of the Week at Norman Records and sold out of its limited release.

brave timbers also contributed a track to the Second Language 'Music & Migration' compilation alongside Vashti Bunyan, Peter Broderick and Hauschka, as well as reworking a track by Yuri Lugovskoy for his 2012 album released on Home Assembly Music. In 2015 brave timbers featured on the Hibernate Recordings compilation 'Dayalu/For Nepal'.

brave timbers have played shows alongside P. Jorgensen, Epic 45, Fieldhead, The Declining Winter and Amiina.