René Pawlowitz, known as Shed, has been immersed in the techno scene for over 25 years, sparked by the vibrant energy of Berlin's post-Wall era. Influenced by radio DJs and club culture, Shed's music embodies the raw, unrestrained spirit of rave. In the early 2000's he worked in the legendary Hard Wax record store. His journey from independent producer to renowned artist saw him explore various aliases and relase a lot of music under his control. Shed initiated the release of white label 12-inch records under various additional monikers, including EQD, Wax, and STP.

Shed's craftsmanship shines through in his mastery of the bass drum, captivating dance floors with cinematic intensity. While his albums, like "Shedding The Past"  he has released under the label Ostgut Ton and "The Traveller," reflect a deep respect for techno's heritage, his latest release, "The Final Experiment," released under the great label Monkeytown, in 2017 signals a departure from conventional dancefloor politics, earning critical acclaim as his most compelling work to date.