Freya Arde



Freya Arde is a classically trained composer and guitarist who reflects on life through her music. Her minimalist instrumental compositions move between a fragile beauty and a search of calm. Freya Arde released her Debut EP "Spirit Awake" in 2020, followed by her single "Moon Window" which she released with Deutsche Grammophon in 2021. She is a frequent collaborator with film makers and scored films that premiered at Berlinale and TIFF. Her most recent works are the scores for the documentary "The Hidden Life of Trees" (OT: "Das geheime Leben der Bäume") and "The Flying Classroom" (OT: "Das fliegende Klassenzimmer") which garnered her the German Film Score Award in 2023. Freya Arde supported the British pianist and composer James Heather on his Germany tour in 2023. Her rework of his piece "Immortal Beloved - Freya Arde Rework" was released on his new album "Reworks Vol. 2". Freya Arde lives between Dresden and Berlin.

“Freya Arde as composer, performer and DJ in one person. What you could experience now is hardly to excel in its concept of creativity. [...] spherical, vitreous sounds, sometimes electronic, hypnotic, structurally almost like minimal music. [...] an exciting, mind broadening performance.”— Daniel Huschert, Auftakt (issue 03-2018)